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Study the new "Safe Production Law" to remind safe production
Time:2021-10-25 10:45:38

On the morning of October 12, Pacli held a party branch meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dai Chunfa, party branch secretary and general manager of the company. Tian Chun, youth committee of party branch and VP of pacli, gave a special party class on September 1st. He made an in-depth interpretation of the new "Safe Production Law" officially implemented on September 1st.


Tian Chun pointed out that the revised "Safe Production Law" has added many new contents in terms of improving the requirements of safe production principles, implementing the main responsibilities of production and business units, and increasing the punishment of illegal acts.

First of all, the revised "Safe Production Law" stipulates that safe production must adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Industry management, business management, production and operation management must include safety management. Strengthen and implement the main responsibility of production and business units and the responsibility of government supervision. Establish mechanisms for the responsibility of production and business units, participation of employees, government supervision, industry self-discipline, and social supervision. We must adhere to the policy of safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management. Prevent and resolve major security risks at the source.

Secondly, the revised "Safe Production Law" further implements the safe production responsibility system. It is stipulated that production and business units must establish a complete safe production responsibility system and safe production rules and regulations, and establish a dual prevention mechanism for the hierarchical control of safety risks and the investigation and management of hidden dangers.

It is worth noting that this revision of "Safe Production Law" has also made a series of targeted regulations on the issue of "unrestricted repeated prohibitions and repeated penalties" in some areas of safe production. It has increased the penalties for violations. Not only making the penalties more stringent, the amount higher, and the penalties are also more severe.


During the meeting, Tian Chun watch related videos with the participants, which made everyone deeply realize that everyone is the protagonist of safe production and there are no bystanders. Both party members and the masses should tighten the string of safe production at all times and continuously improve their awareness of learning, propagating, and applying new laws. We must adhere to one post and two responsibilities for safe production to form a joint force for safe production supervision with the characteristics of Pacli, and ensure that the company's safe production management level will reach a new level.