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Pacli launched 2021 Quality Month activities in an all-round way
Time:2021-09-28 13:08:53

In order to strengthen the construction of corporate quality culture and improve the source of quality innovation, Pacli carried out the quality month event for more than 60 days.


This event took various forms such as document training, knowledge competition, pest management, skill appraisal, quality competition, etc. Both the online and offline platform were built. The two-line was promoted, and considerable results were achieved.

In order to test the phased results achieved by all employees during this quality month event, the activity team used online answering methods to help all employees consolidate their learning content. In the end, 12 employees achieved excellent results and won the first, second, and third prizes.

The company hopes to cultivate a group of professional technology talents and comprehensive quality management talents through the quality month activities, and build a solid foundation of quality, so as to promote the construction of strong quality of Jiangning district and the strategy of strong quality of Nanjing city and shape a better life!