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Pacli carefully builds a food safety firewall by upgrading the laboratory
Time:2021-08-30 10:59:16

As we all know, the main products of Pacli are all food contact materials and products, which need to meet the requirements of "GB 4806.7-2016 National Food Safety Standard: Plastic Materials and Products for Food Contact". In order to externalize the development concept of "health, safety, creativity and service" into products and genes, Pacli launched the self-test development project of total migration of food contact materials and products in early 2021.

At present, the laboratory has self-detection capabilities such as the total migration of food contact materials and products, the determination of heavy metals in food simulants (in terms of Pb), and the decolorization test. This has greatly improved the food safety assurance level of the company’s products, making Pacli the scientific research advantage and competitiveness of the company have made a leap again.Up to now, the laboratory has completed more than 70 total migration tests.

In addition, Pacli can also provide customers with value-added food safety inspection services for related products and issue professional inspection reports, so as to provide customers with more extensive and deeper customized services and overall product life cycle solutions.