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Pacli was selected as a classic case of the industry in the "2023 Yangtze River Delta Green Packagi
Time:2023-11-08 09:38:25

Recently, "Science and Innovation of China" dual-carbon strategy and digital printing industry-academia integration conference was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, the "2023 Yangtze River Delta Green Packaging Industry Development Report" was released. Pacli was selected as a classic case of the industry in the report.



In the five years since the Yangtze River Delta integration has been upgraded to a national strategy, Pacli has focused on the development of "eco-green" as the "key word". Focusing on the background of "dual-carbon", the company has chosen green materials, made green products, saved green experience and talked about green development, and shaped many classic cases in the industry, such as PLA heat-resistant straws, three-hole straws, and non-adhesive paper straws. In the future, the company will continue to promote the green transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with the blade of innovation, cut through the cocoon that restricts the advancement of the industry, and enhance the "gold content" of the development of the Yangtze River Delta region with the "green content" of the industry, so as to shape a better life.