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Pacli Sincerely Appears at Canton Fair with Environmental Products
Time:2023-04-28 13:23:58

From 23-27 April, the second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair, which lasted for five days, came to a successful conclusion. This is a grand event after three years, the Canton Fair fully resumed offline exhibition.


The second phase of the exhibition mainly focuses on light industrial products that are closely related to consumers' lives. Pacli brought new designs and newly developed eco products to the Canton Fair, focusing on how to make the design and development more closely related to consumers' needs. During the 5 days, the fresh and pure green booth attracted many potential customers to stop by and inquire. The display was both commercially and environmentally friendly, and was unanimously praised by many buyers. Customers from the USA were more interested in marine degradable PHA products, while customers from Japan and Canada preferred RPET products and some customers from South America had already reached preliminary intentions to cooperate with the company on paper cup products.