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Starry Sky Lid Shines on the Stage, Making You Fall in Love with Cheese Foam
Time:2022-05-17 14:59:49

The star product recommended to you today is a cup cover, named starry sky lid, which caters to the current hot selling product in the milk tea industry - cheese tea.



The starry sky lid has many highlights compared with the conventional dome lid on the market. First of all, the starry sky lid breaks the limitation of the 90 ° opening of the conventional dome lid. The 120 ° ultra-wide caliber design avoids the embarrassing situation that consumers are easy to collide with the bridge of the nose when drinking cheese tea directly. And it opens a free and pleasant taste bud experience. Secondly, the edge of the cup is double thickened, which is smooth and thick, not easy to scratch your delicate lips. So that consumers can drink without worry. Enjoy your delicious cheese tea with our starry sky lid right now!!! The three piece structure design makes the flip cup cover more flexible, and the perfect radian is like a meteor under the vast sky, poetic and beautiful. Finally, this starry sky lid has also applied for a utility model patent, patent No. 202122473645.5. With the authoritative patent, the innovation road of Pacli will be more solid.