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CSIC Pacli Tailored Online Learning Plans for Employees
Time:2022-04-17 14:58:45

It’s not enough that only decision makers to continuously learn to build a sustainable and competitive business in the long term. Building a learning organisation around strategic goals and values is very significant.

Pacli started the second quarter with a lot of action in building a learning organisation. On the one hand, Pacli carried out training through the discovery of internal problems and established a strong focus and professional learning group. On the other hand, , Pacli precipitated more valuable guidance content for the development of enterprises through the continuous output of the learning group. Each department sets an online learning plan according to a fixed period, and each employee selects the learning content according to the characteristics of the position. The willingness of staff to learn and take the initiative to learn is stimulated by teaching and guiding them according to their abilities.

Pacli firmly believes that only if you are willing to educate your employees can you ultimately reap the fruits of their education. Only by establishing an internal learning organisation can the company truly achieve high quality and sustainable development, and the core values of "People oriented, creating value, sharing achievements, common development" can be put into practice.